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Transit-oriented development (TOD) is becoming increasingly popular in the City of Chicago. In fact, over the past ten years, almost two-thirds of the city's building permits have been filed within half a mile of the city's rail stations. This page highlights some of the city's most exciting new TOD projects, with a focus on those that add both housing units and commercial spaces in buildings that prioritize pedestrian access and active street fronts. Learn more about the projects below, or try your own in the calculator »

1611 W. Division (Division Blue Line)

Completed 2013 by developer 1601 W. Division, LLC, with Wheeler Kearns Architects

Sitting at the edge of the Polish Triangle at the intersection of Ashland Avenue, Division Street and Milwaukee Avenue, 1611 W. Division's 11 stories offer distinctive architecture at the heart of one of Chicago's most vibrant neighborhoods. Unique among major recent developments, the building includes no residential parking spaces and just eight for the clients of the bank and coffee shop located on the ground floor. It is ideally located at the intersection of three major bus lines, a CTA Blue Line station and Divvy bike sharing docks.

Before After
Commercial space 2,000 sq. ft. 8,000 sq. ft.
Residential units 0 99
10-year tax revenue
(property, sales and transfer)
$120,950 $7,167,256
Annual local retail sales $34,350 $710,189
Annual transit rides 464 54,161

City Hyde Park (51st/53rd Street Metra Electric)

To be completed 2016 by developer, with Studio/Gang Architects

This visually stunning apartment building by Studio/Gang architects will add to the already-distinctive Hyde Park skyline when it opens in 2016. The project is located across the street from a station on the Metra Electric line and in front of CTA express buses that offer quick access to the Loop. The project will feature a large Whole Foods grocery store, the first in the city south of Roosevelt Road, as well as other retail. It will also include 36 affordable housing units on site, representing 20 percent of all units.

Before After
Commercial space 64,000 sq. ft. 35,000 sq. ft.
Residential units 6 180
10-year tax revenue
(property, sales and transfer)
$4,000,905 $7,029,558
Annual local retail sales $1,129,118 $1,498,925
Annual transit rides 18,312 91,498

Photo of property

Image: Silliman Group LLC

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Aimee L.

“Transit is great for business here. Having all the foot traffic to and from the train helps the business a lot. People walk in all the time on their way to the trains. It's nice that we have CTA nearby and that people have so many options to get around.”

—Aimee L., Retail Employee

1225 Old Town (Clark/Division Red Line)

Completed 2012 by developers Hines and JDL, with Hartshorne Plunkard Architects

Located in the heart of Old Town and just a block from the Clark and Division station on the CTA Red Line, 1225 Old Town features 250 residential units on a site that was once home to a Cadillac car dealership. The 16-story building features a green roof for residents and a number of retail stores at the ground floor, including a grocery store and a coffee shop that enliven North Wells Street.

Before After
Commercial space 47,000 sq. ft. 56,000 sq. ft.
Residential units 0 250
10-year tax revenue
(property, sales and transfer)
$3,038,941 $21,901,802
Annual local retail sales $807,218 $2,891,211
Annual transit rides 17,667 150,296

Photo of property

Photo: Greystar

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3200 N. Clark (Belmont Red/Brown lines)

To be completed 2015 by developer BlitzLake, with Hirsch Associates Architects

This eight-story mixed-use building is planned for the intersection of Clark Street and Belmont Avenue, just a block from the popular Belmont station on the CTA Brown, Purple and Red lines. The building will replace what was a one-story retail store and surface parking lot with 90 housing units and a small grocery store in the first two stories.

Before After
Commercial space 9,000 sq. ft. 32,000 sq. ft.
Residential units 0 90
10-year tax revenue
(property, sales and transfer)
$540,760 $9,415,103
Annual local retail sales $154,574 $1,096,889
Annual transit rides 2,567 55,782

Photo of property

Photo: BlitzLake

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Shango A.

“I ride the bus and it's always really easy to get right to a bus stop without walking a lot. In contrast to driving a car like everybody else, I don't mind taking the bus because it helps me get into my zone. I like to listen to music sometimes. Plus, the advantage of taking the bus is that you're hands-free, so you can check up on emails and do all the morning things versus taking a car and not being able to do any of that. Those are some things I've noticed about my transition to taking public transportation. It's better financially, and I can also be productive with my time.”

—Shango A., Resident

3400 N. Lincoln (Paulina Brown Line)

To be completed 2015 by developer Centrum Partners, with Hirsch Associates Architects

When the CTA rebuilt the Brown Line in the mid-2000s, the agency acquired a plot of land for temporary construction use at the intersection of Lincoln Avenue and Roscoe Street. The site is now available and a developer has proposed a five-story apartment building with 6,000 square feet of retail on the ground floor. The project will include a green roof and a recharging station for electric cars.

Before After
Commercial space Empty lot 6,000 sq. ft.
Residential units 0 36
10-year tax revenue
(property, sales and transfer)
$0 $3,350,542
Annual local retail sales $0 $321,966
Annual transit rides 0 19,187